Aligned Equine Bowen Therapy is owned and operated by Enid Boyce, a qualified Equine Bowen therapist based in Camden NSW.

The name Aligned Equine represents the alignment of the body, mind and spirit which I believe is critical to the overall happiness and longevity of our horses.  

My interest in Bowen began over 19 years ago, where I was introduced to this amazing modality at an Endurance Ride.  I noticed the immediate improvements in the horses both physically and mentally. My desire to help horses and share the benefits of this modality, lead to my journey of becoming an Equine Bowen therapist with the International College of Smart Bowen.  I deeply value continual learning and education and in addition to Bowen Therapy, my clients receive the benefits of the following programs I have attended:

  • Myofascial Release Techniques (2019) with Gillian Higgins

  • The Bowker Lectures (2018)

  • Posture and Movement with Gillian Higgins (2017)

  • The Masterson Method Weekend Workshop with Jim Masterson (2017)

  • TTouch Workshop with Robin Hood and Rebecca Booth (2016)

  • Join-Up Clinic with Robbie Horne (2004)

  • Performance Horse Health Studies (2002)

  • Education of the Young Horse (2002)

  • Horse Handling (2002)

  • Introduction to Riding (2002)

  • Equine Muscle Release Therapy (2001)

  • Certificate in Introductory Horse Management

I have experience working with a variety of breeds and ages, pleasure, performance and retired horses.

If you would like to see what Bowen can do for your horse, I would love to hear from you!

The logo: A number of compliments have been received about the logo. It is my pleasure to share with you the  designer and creator, Alicia Grady of Struck By Violet. You can get in touch with Alicia at