Feedback I’ve Received

What My Clients Are Saying


After having you and your professionalism work with my boy who has a few muscular issues, it is with great appreciation that you have made him much more comfortable for me to not only plod around on but for his general happiness in the paddock. Since having you work with him I have noticed not only a change in the way he moves but in his general attitude and behaviour. I could not recommend anyone more compassionate in what they do then you and your Bowen treatments! Thanks Enid!


After working on my horse Gratia for the past year for various muscular tension issues, I highly recommend Enid for her Bowen bodywork. Enid is not only a therapist, but a professional who has great intuition, feel and knowledge of how a horse should truly work properly. All this put together has helped Gratia and I progress happily and correctly through the grades. Thanks Enid!

Claire Readings

Enid is a fabulous practitioner who is genuine & passionate about her work. Bowen has uncovered issues with my horse that other body work had missed, & left my horse very relaxed & happy. Highly recommend Aligned Equine Bowen Therapy!


Feedback I’ve Received

What My Clients Are Saying


“Enid has worked wonders on my TB Oscar.  When he came to me he was in poor condition with muscle wastage and very unbalanced. Once his general condition improved, Enid set about realigning his body through Bowen Therapy. Oscar responded really well to Enid’s treatment and I could see the results very quickly. After each treatment he improved a bit more, his muscles were looser and he became so much more comfortable in his body.  It also had a wonderful calming effect on him which was great as he is a very sensitive horse.  Enid always explains exactly what she is doing, why she is doing it and how the horse will likely respond. She also made sure that the Bowen Therapy was complementary to the other traditional and modern treatments he was receiving at the time. Enid is kind, reliable and always thoughtful when dealing with me as a permanently anxious fur mum. I highly recommend Enid to other horse owners.


Over the past 3 years of Bowen treatments I have seen my horses eyes, temperaments and muscles soften, grow and develop in different ways and their willingness to their work and performance increase remarkably.  Enid, you have a gift, and through your Bowen Therapy me and my horses are able to experience a small part of this. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Alana Stallard